Friday, May 30, 2008

Service Learning;Independent Hours(15 hr.)

Another year at con high and once again another year for service learning.Now many know what service learning is and many don't well for the ones who don't it's just like community service it's volunteering to help around the community.Well this year and same as last we had to do independence hours and this year goal was to get fifth teen hours of service learning.I was fear that I wouldn't get any done so I planned mines and I started to do them in April.In this essay I will discussed all the things I did to get my hours done.
Daycare is one of my resources which I completed seven hours total with volunteering one day I would watch the kids and sit in the playroom which means when every teacher brought they kids down they would go on a break and they would be left with me that was cool I got to play some of the games with the kids also it was really building me up for my responsibility which I will have someday and I think it was cool overall I really enjoy myself.One another day I would help prepare some of the food such as cereal for breakfast and peanut-butter and jelly for lunch it was so cute every time I would walk in and give them something to eat even it was breakfast or lunch and they would say thunk you but they really mean to say thank you and I would laugh every time they was so cute.Finally on my last day the kids didn't want me to leave they ask if I can stay but really I couldn't because I wasn't old enough to work there but if I could I would have went back when I came out the last day I really wanted to go back because I got so attached to the kids that I really started to miss them as if they was really mines but next year they will see me again.
My second resource was my neighborhood car washing I thought that this was okay I really didn't like it as much as the daycare but it was okay.Most of the time I was even washing the car or drying the car off I really hated drying the car because at some time they wet the car too much and it take forever to wipe it and for me to get it in a way so it wouldn't look smeared.I really didn't like this one because some of the customers would get smart and try not to pay or they would even try to cheat me out of the money at one time I really wanted to just stop I felt like I wasn't getting paid for it so why be here but I winded up staying and getting my hours done.Overall it was pretty good I don't consider doing it again next year because it 's too disorganized and also it's never a break you stay working 24/7 and I'm the type of person who need a break or I won't do nothing right so next year I really don't want to do car wash it looks fun but it's really not all that fun.
Finally my third and last resources was babysitting and cleaning up old houses.Out of all the things I did I would say these two was the worst first lets talk about the babysitting thing first I was told I was watching twins then when I got to the house it was like five kids there I said excuse me but I thought I was only watching two she said ow no it's five I was ready to walk out but I didn't knowing that I should have.These kids was so messy and bad they draw all on the wall put sticker all over my face and they played all in water that winded up all over me they were outrageous they act as if they had no home training and I was really wishing they would go to sleep.When they mother finally came back I was happy and ready to go home and go to sleep myself because I was worn out.On the other hand we have cleaning the houses all I can say is "NASTY" bugs was on me I kept itching and it stinked so bad I was about to throw up I would never do this again ever in my life.I might do babysitting next year but definitely not the same kids diff rent kids.
Now that I talked about all the things I did which was daycare volunteering,babysitting,cleaning up old houses,and the car wash.Tell me what you think and tell if you do things to help the community out.

Improving An Old Essay:Comparing Ms.Luella Bates Washington Jones w/ Grandma

There are many family members who reminds me of Ms.Luella Bates Washington Jones.The one who reminds me the most of Ms.Jones is my grandma.Unfortunately my grandma pasted away in September of 2000 from cancer so that's another way my Ms.Jones is a character in the story who was made up and my grandma die so it's like she invisible but she still remains in my heart forever and ever.In this essay I will tell you why they remind me of each other and that's from they feelings,personality.
Feelings,now feelings is expressed in a person every person have many different feelings for many different things but in this case I would say Ms.Jones and my grandma feelings were somewhat the same.Each of they feelings are alike because they are caring and they have a heart of gold.They both would take anybody in during they bad times and show them a thing that they never had which is to be loved and comfort.Now lets talk about they sweet and loving ways which makes everyone loved them and which they love them too.Ms Jones and my grandma is so much alike that when I read the story I started to thing back to the time when my grandma was here.As I said before both of the two somewhat have the same feelings and is very sweet and loving.
Personality,a thing that define who you are as a person well I would say that both Ms.Jones and my grandma are both like pineapples hard on the outside but sweet and soft in the inside.The both make people feel as if they can be loved and they are not people who thinks they are the center of attentions they don't care about they self they feel for other people.They both take people in if it's a outsider of not and also they believe i people they are hard on them but really they showing them true and tough love and that what many kids need today who won't do the right thing they need people in the world like them.If they mom and dad don't care then who will so I think it should be many more people in the world like them and maybe the world would be a better place.
Now that I discussed why I compared these two wonderful people and how I think they are alike which is by they feelings, and they personality you tell me is their someone in your family who reminds you of Ms.Jones?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Service Learning:Week 7

Yesterday meeting went really well when we first got to the classroom we discussed how the fundraiser went on Wednesday which went pretty good we made sixty seven dollars.Then we all broke up into groups to do different things we had five laptops in the room and five people from our group responsibility was to look up toys and books we can buy for the kids ms Mahdi told us to look up items fifteen dollars and less but that was only one group responsibilities.Me and Christa job was to plan the next fundraiser we also had to agree on what date it was going to be on and what things we was going to sell so we went around asking kids what will they buy the most so we decided on getting water ice,ice cream,and the drumsticks.The last group kids had to come up with ideas to do with the kids like arts and craft and they came up with things to buy them too.At the end we all came together to update the group with what everyone was doing and we all gave our thoughts on things we thought would and would not work then we wrapped it all up and it was time to leave and again I think our group got a lot done and it was a success.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lesoon Plan for English

Planning For Today Meeting:Week 7

Today I think we should discuss:

-How did our fundraiser go on Wednesday
-Plan a date to go out and get some books with the money we earn
-Go over the overall things we did all together
-Plan for next week session

Today for our service learning which is the seventh week I think we should first explain the fundraiser that we did on Wednesday and talk about the positive and negative outcome.Then I think we should plan a date or maybe go out today to start getting some of the books for the children hospital since books are cheaper we should start with the books.We should then all have a group discussion on the service learning we did all together so that everyone can relate then we should start to plan for the next week.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Of Mice and Men:Symbol Essay

Have you ever had something for a long time and feel as if when you let it go you might loose it.Some people feel as if when they receive or buy something it becomes a symbol in they life and it represents many thing in they life.In the book of mice and men it's a character in the story who receive a dog ever since it was young and it was forces to give it up and let them kill him.Put yourself in his shoes would you do that.In this essay I will address why I think this dog is a symbol in his life.

Now lets talk about the dog's death now I know I pretty much told you that candy dog was killed but I am going to explain it to you step by step.First candy had his dog while the men was working then it was lunch time candy was feeding the dog Carlson spotted the dog and started persuading slim to put the dog to rest.On that night slim was playing cards Carlson was sitting down then candy walked in with his dog then Carlson started to pick and tell candy that he should shoot the dog.As candy refused slim was agreeing with Carlson so he told candy that the dog was going to be put to sleep candy still refused but they demanded it.Candy tried to tell them to wait til tomorrow trying to get around the idea but he had to so he gave his dog up laid in the bed quietly and depressed all of a sudden"BOOM" and that was the end of his dog then candy started to cry.What would you do if someone or something was tooken away and you had no choice but to give it up tell me would you act like candy.

Candy dog was a symbol in his life because it was his friend and he comfort him.Candy dog was close to him and he loved candy and candy loved him too.I think as the years flew by candy grew closer and closer to his dog and as the years formed he was considered as candy friend.I think when candy dog was put to sleep it really took a huge chunk out of candy life.Candy was very miserable and sad and it looked like he was very lost and couldn't find his way back.I think that that really messed candy up because not only did he have that dog since he was a pup but that was the only thing close to him.
Now that I expressed my thoughts on how candy dog represent a symbol i the story.Tell me would you have done the same for your dog or would you had been more active then candy?After reading this essay tell me would you have giving up a friend close to you or would you fight to the bid of end.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Mice and Men:Theme Essay

In America everyone has a dream some dream big and some dream small.So someone came up with the idea of calling it the American dream.What is the American?Who knows some people thinks money is the American dream and some think otherwise.In the book of mice and men all the characters are striving for one thing a thing called the American dream.In this essay I will talk about the two important dreams that I think was accomplished through the story and the one I thought was the least accomplish in the story.
First lets talk about the one that everyone thinks is a dream and that's fortune.None of the characters in the book was even close to fortune but the boss and of course his son because if he's rich his son is rich.The boss had the fortune he had people working for him so all he had to do was sit back and do nothing but collect money and handle or do something from time to time.Now on the other hand the others had nothing they worked just for a living and to just say that they had money they were provided with a place to stay and food but I wouldn't say they were that fortunate compared to they boss which he had the fortune.
Secondly,Family the most important thing to you and some say the only thing you can rely on is family.Now don't get me wrong some people are just blessed with an wonderful family who comfort them and look out for them the way they should but then you have some people who doesn't get along with they family at all.In this book none of these characters had family they can rely on they only had people who they thought was family.Three characters in the story really grew into a great bond and the characters was Lennie,George,and Candy.When candy dog was killed they kind of felt sorry for candy and candy wanted to leave bad so he ask if he can come and he would put all his money in so they let him.I think that these three were the closest that they would ever get to family and I thought that was really great what they did and I feel as if they all needed someone to lean on for all the things they been through.
Now that I expressed what I thought was accomplished in the book which is family and the one I taught was least accomplish which was fortune.I want you to tell me about yourself do fortune over ride family in your life or is it the same as the book.